The Otterhound Club of America
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Otterhound Rescue

The Otterhound Club of America as the parent club for the breed has responsibility for all Otterhounds in North America, including homeless Otterhounds, those found in shelters or those whose owners and breeders are no longer able to care for them.  Otterhound Rescue is open to all dogs identified as purebred Otterhounds or those who the Club knows for certain are offspring of one purebred Otterhound parent if they are homeless, abandoned or no longer can be cared for by an owner.

If you are interested in adopting an Otterhound, please complete our Online Rescue Application or download printable version, fill it out and send to the OHCA rescue Coordinators.


Eibhlin Glennon
IL (847) 838-3889
Kathy Munger
MD  (410) 349-0420 

How Can You Help Otterhound Rescue?

If you have seen a dog in a shelter or found a dog that you think may be an Otterhound, before contacting the coordinators, please check out page "Is It an Otterhound?". Many Labradoodles or Goldendoodles at first glance look like Otterhounds. However, the length of ears and their bell-shape are key features of Otterhounds which doodles lack.  Head and body shape are also different. If you still believe you have seen an Otterhound in need of rescue, please take photos of the dogs from the side and front with a close-up of the head and send them to the rescue coordinators together with the dog’s height to the shoulders, approximate age and weight information.

Because Otterhounds are rare, rescues are also rare. We will help any Otterhound in need, but we are few in number and good photos will help us decide if we have to send a member (possibly several hours’ drive away to ID a dog). If you have any doubts about a dog being an Otterhound, please contact us.

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